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Serverless API in Typescript

You can find the aws-ts-starter on Github.

Serverless is a toolkit for deploying and operating serverless architectures where you focus on your application rather than on infrastructure.

There are many great tutorials on getting started with AWS and Serverless that take you through the entire process from start to finish, sometimes encompassing both a client and API.

However, wrapped up in most examples are combined concerns, such as the API handler, data access, structured responses due to the provider environment, and so on.

Bakerstreet Industries wants to contribute to the Serverless ecosystem by providing modules that build upon these examples using Typescript in order to reduce boilerplate, promote testing, and reduce the barrier to entry of developing an API by removing common pitfalls when starting something from scratch.

Future updates include scaffolding as part of the Serverless generators and further examples using this module approach of microservice APIs.

#typescript #API #Serverless #Microservice

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